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Computerized Tire Balancing

Despite appearances, no tire is completely round and smooth. Every tire has heavy spots that cause an imbalance in the wheel assembly. When you drive, these heavy spots are pulled outward by the centrifugal force of the wheel’s rotation, making your vehicle vibrate or shimmy.

This shimmy or vibration is one of the most common signs that your wheels are out of balance. You’ll generally start to notice the effects at about 45 km/h, and the vibration will become more pronounced as your speed increases. If you feel this vibration most strongly though the steering wheel, that indicates a front wheel is out of balance. If it’s through the driver’s seat, that means your rear wheels are out of balance.

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At Rivercrest Tire & Auto, our technicians will place your tires on a computerized wheel-balancing machine to locate any static or dynamic imbalances in your wheels. This machine uses centrifugal force, (duplicating the spinning effect that occurs when you drive), to pinpoint any heavy spots. It then calculates exactly how much weight is required to neutralize the imbalance, and indicates precisely where the weight should be placed.

Once our technicians fix the appropriate weight in the indicated position, they will then re-test your wheels to make sure they are properly balanced. This process ensures that your wheel balancing is completed with the greatest accuracy in the shortest time possible.

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