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At Rivercrest Tire & Auto, we are committed to both radiator service excellence, and to the 100 percent satisfaction of you, the customer. Routine radiator maintenance is critical to the long working life of not only your car’s radiator, but its engine as well. Because the radiator prevents your engine from overheating, it is a critical component to the overall proper functioning of the vehicle.

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Experts agree that at last every two years, you should take your car in for radiator maintenance, including a coolant flush, and radiator service, if needed. Your car’s radiator needs to be clean to efficiently cool your engine.

Over the course of time, your car’s radiator channels become blocked with debris from the engine that is cycled though the dirty coolant and will eventually completely clog the cooling system.

A regularly scheduled quick and inexpensive radiator flush at Rivercrest Tire & Auto is the best thing you can do to ensure your car’s cooling system stays in tip top working condition.

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