2017 Ford Explorer

  • 2017 Ford Explorer

    Ford Explorer
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    • Inspect vehicle exterior lighting. Check under hood fluids and top off with manufacturer specified fluid(s). Check engine air filter and serpentine belt(s). Drain vehicle engine oil. Check tire pressure and fill to manufacturer's specifications. Perform visual inspection of the vehicle suspension and underbody. Check vehicle drivetrain fluids when needed. Fill engine with 6.0 quarts of Amsoil full-synthetic engine oil. Recheck engine oil level.
    • Rotate tires, check & set air pressure, check wear pattern.
    • Access cabin filter housing. Remove the old air filter. Clean out housing of debris. Install new filter. Reassemble all other related components.
    • Add cooling system flush/cleaner to the cooling system and run vehicle. Flush out old coolant and replace with manufacturer specified coolant amount. Add cooling system conditioner. Test Drive for proper operation.
    • Remove the needed shields and covers to gain access as needed to the rear differential cover bolts and cover. Clean the gasket sealing surfaces and cover. Clean out the rear differential and reassemble with new heavy duty sealer and/or gasket. Fill with manufacturers specified fluid.
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